But I Don’t Wannaaaaaa

21 Aug

School starts back up tomorrow.

So will start another crazy, stressful, busy, study-all-day-and-night, no-free-time year–

Full of tests,

this is how i look 85% during the school year.



this creepy picture was in one of my school texts...

coffee (or tea),

day in the life.

fuel. and an excuse for more bathroom breaks.

mechanical pencils, and cool optometry equipment.

yes, I helped make this.

and yes, at some point I memorized all of this... hope it comes back to me soon! 😉


This year will also include: near-daily dilation of one of my pupils (for practice and labs), more time in the clinic with patients, and more exercise to help de-stress. It will also include lots of vacations, visits from my hubby, and a better understanding of my future career.

I am sort of dreading the end of my summer of fun and joblessness and Seattle and hanging with the Hubs every day, but I realize I’ve only got 3 more years of the hard stuff before I get to start my real grown-up life.


Questions for you:

Are you still in school/taking classes? Do you plan to go back for more education?

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