First Day of School!

22 Aug

The title is a lot more cheery than I am.

I have a full, 12 hour day today– that includes a 4 hour lab sometime this afternoon. I’m happy I picked up a little somethin’ somethin’ from WF to eat for lunch today so I don’t have to scrounge for food.

This morning was a little hectic– managed to pour myself a tumbler of iced coffee and spread a spelt tortilla with sunflower seed butter and topped it with chia seeds (yay! they’re back!) before I ran out the door.

please help me get through the day!

this split apart immediately... not the best for wraps!

this is how I really feel...

this is the face my classmates will see! *fake*

Last night I ended up devouring the salad bar/ hot bar items I’d picked up:

That would be a ginorm salad with romaine, arugula, shredded beets, tofu, quinoa, various types of beans, peas… pretty much a little of everything, topped with a delish parsley hummus + balsamic vinaigrette.

Also a little serving of the baked ziti and sesame noodles, because I had to.

Later I enjoyed a handful of cashews and a few squares of dark chocolate…

best no-fuss dessert 🙂

…while watching New Moon on my laptop. No judgies, please.

Mid-movie, I craved tea but realized I was out of water… I was forced to put on pants to make a water run from the nearest grocer.

rockin' the sleeveless tee 😉

'pants' = short leggings.

I know it’s not really eco-friendly (ok, at all) to buy jugs of water… but let me just complain about how abominably bad the tap water is in Southern California. Like, so bad that even water that’s gone through a Brita filter still tastes like poo. I tried for a long time to deal with it but it made me drink a lot less water than I normally do and what’s good for me. I miss delicious Seattle tap water 😦

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