So Last Night…

23 Aug

I nearly crashed out after dinner. I barely caught up on my Reader, took care of some school business (adding my schedule to Google Calendar was a big pain in the rear), and shoved some dark chocolate in my mouth to save my sanity and brighten my mood.

awww yaa

Works every time 🙂

I even managed another mug of DECAF peppermint tea- with a bit of honey- before I crawled myself into bed.

I went with a strong Persian black tea the night before, thinking that the caffeine wouldn’t effect me (I’m pretty darn tall and not a lightweight when it comes to these things).. but the caff + the nerves for school had me tossing and turning until 1 am. Not cool when I had to get up at 6!

After a strange night of sleep last night (waking up ever hour and a half, for some reason..), I hauled my booty out of bed for a nice walk/run to get pumped for the day. I managed about a little over two miles in under thirty minutes:

 before showering, getting ready, and scarfing a GIANT smoothie bowl topped with TJ’s twigs (my fave!).

behold, the glory of the smoothie!

Today I have my first clinic shift, so i had to get into proper clinic attire:

no face/hair because they're still not done. yikes!

I have no idea what my responsibilities will be in clinic, but I’m pretty sure that to start, it’s review on what we learned last year. I’m down for that, considering pretty much all the hard-earned knowledge has drained out of my brain during the blissfully long summer break.

Heading on out to class now!

Question for you:

How are you affected by caffeine?


2 Responses to “So Last Night…”

  1. beautyinthebalance August 24, 2011 at 1:15 am #

    I love peppermint tea!
    Quick question- how tall are you? You mention being tall and I’m a tall girl too (5’11”)!

    • eyegirleats August 24, 2011 at 10:09 am #

      I’m about 5’9″! I still rock heels, do you?

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