Froyo Solo

24 Aug

This morning was killer!

We squeezed in nearly 6 hours of lecture before 2pm, so my brain felt like mush by the time class was over.

I didn’t have a chance to eat lunch in the 25 minutes I was given (partly because I didn’t have any easy-to-prepare food items, and partly because my snacks kept me full during the morning time), so I was a starvin’ Marvin when I got home.

Here, I cooked up a healthy, Americanized version of one of my favorite Persian rice dishes, bagali polo (dill rice with broad beans)

I pulled out my favorite broad beans:

one of the few things purchased at the persian market haha

They’re so meaty and delicious! 🙂  I added lots of dill and lots of sea salt to the frozen brick-

… and then I defrosted it in the microwave. I also got out some 3-minute brown rice from the freezer, and warmed it up after I pulled the beans out.

Then I poured a little olive oil at the bottom of a pan and dumped the beans and brown rice right in:

almost there!

I then cracked an egg into the mixture to turn it into a sort of fried rice-


I kept mixing it up on the stove until the egg was done, and that’s it!

Plated up–

oooh yeah.

Made 2 servings 🙂

This ‘recipe’ is a total diversion from how the real Persian dish is prepared, but the taste components were similar- rice, dill, broad beans. The egg I added in at the end was on a whim, but a totally good call as it made it all stick together nicely and added even more protein!

After devouring my late, late lunch, the urge for froyo was great.

I could only do one thing- give in and take myself out to get some 🙂


Under a myriad of toppings-popping boba, chocolate chips, captain crunch, and mochi!- was a bed of Red Velvet, Peanut Butter Cookie, and Caramel Almond Bar froyo.

Be still my heart.

The only I complaint I had-

–was that it was gone too quickly 🙂

I’m off to maybe get a nap in and watch a little Netflix– giving my brain a well-deserved rest!


Question for you:

Do you create adaptations of food you grew up eating? What is your cultural background?


4 Responses to “Froyo Solo”

  1. Alex August 25, 2011 at 12:59 am #

    I do that all the time too! I am from Germany and we have a traditional “coffee time” in the afternoon were we usually have cake served with coffee. So I have a loooot of cake recipes that I am adjusting to make an americanized version.
    Usually I add peanut butter 🙂 Peanut butter makes everything better.
    Or I replace hazelnuts (apparantly Germans are obsessed with Hazelnuts…Nutella anyone?) with pecans (never had a pecan before coming to the US in my life).

    • eyegirleats August 25, 2011 at 8:26 am #

      How cool that you got to try pecans down here! Ya, I remember visiting my grandmother in Germany twice as a child and being so put off by all the hazelnut-flavored chocolate. I just wanted the regular stuff!! haha 🙂

      Where did you live in Germany?

  2. beautyinthebalance August 25, 2011 at 1:27 am #

    I’m half Dutch so I make a few things that my mum used to make when I lived at home 🙂
    That froyo looks delicious! Here in the UK froyo is not a big thing at ALL. In fact, in the city I live in we have NO froyo places at all. Bad times!

    • eyegirleats August 25, 2011 at 8:24 am #

      what kind of Dutch dishes do you recreate??

      and the froyo places are JUST starting to show up near Seattle, but they’re all over the place here in Cali. Your time will come soon I’m sure!! worth waiting for 🙂

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