Good Morning!!

25 Aug

Hi peeps! Hope you’re having a great start to your day!

I’m feeling chipper (haha I just used that word!) this morning because I got close to 9.5 hours of sleep last night! My old-lady butt was in bed by 9:15– though I didn’t fall asleep right away 🙂

I celebrated my awesome night’s sleep with the usual cold-brewed iced coffee with almond milk:

ooh-de-laly! (name that movie!!)

I had grand plans of heading out for a morning run, but I just haven’t gotten to it quite yet… right after this post, hopefully!

Last night I basically ate the same refried bean burrito I’d made for lunch the other day-

more appetizing than I look...

Because A) why mess with a good thing? and B) that can’o’beans needs to be used up!

I followed with a snack while I watched Ghosthunters on Hulu (obsessed…)

Face-first into a bag of popcorn spritzed with olive oil and positively coated in nutritional yeast. The Fitnessista totally sparked the craving again.

Followed up with some candy for dessert!

Did I say candy? I meant watermelon, that was as sweet as candy 🙂

My eyes were bigger than my stomach (story of my life), and I only managed to get down about two and a half big wedges 🙂

I only have one, two-hour lecture today at noon which I’m sooo happy about. Though I’ll probably go back in for some more practice with my new equipment and eye-dilation a little later– can’t believe I’m already plotting extra hours at school… it’s the first week, darn it!

Hope you have an exciting day!

Question for you:

Do you like getting creeped out? If so, please watch this video of Jim Carrey professing his love for Emma Stone. I’m afraid I’ll never be able to scrub this from my brain…


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