Back to Reality

28 Aug

Hey everyone! Hope you’re having a slow, relaxing Sunday where you are πŸ™‚

Mine started with a home-cooked breakfast–

'mexican' frittata- eggs, tomato, potato, and onions, topped with pepperjack!

yogurt+strawberries+bananas+granola, side of almond butter

my slice of frittata, you can see a bit of the demolished corn muffin on the side πŸ˜‰

my little bowl of parfait with a spoonful of almond butter! Also, mug of Persian tea.


After breakfast, I got ready to drive back to my condo. It’s always really sad to leave my parent’s house– I had SO much fun this weekend hanging out with my family! I know that once school starts picking up I won’t be to go see them as often (my weekends will be filled with studying), so it was nice to be able to spend a couple of nights there and get in some QT.

on the road again

On the drive back I stopped at Whole Foods for a few necessary (and not-so-necessary) items:

always start with a juice πŸ™‚

First thing I did was pick up a fresh juice- carrot, apple, beet, ginger, spinach, and parsley, + spirulina. Somehow the juice came out an unappetizing black color, but it was as delicious as always.

After, I browsed a bit and then took my booty to the check-out line.

Two Synergy kombuchas (delicious and unnecessary!), 4 coconut waters that were on sale, a couple packets of flavored Justin’s almond butter to juice up a boring bowl of oats, a pound of coffee to turn into some of the delicious cold-brewed stuff, and a snack for later of veggie brown-rice sushi πŸ™‚


I’m home now and I have to run to change my clothes and get ready– I have a good 4-5 hours of practice to do at school, working on the optometry equipment and giving practice exams on my friends. I’ll see if I can take a few pictures!

See you later!

Question for you:

What is your unnecessary-but-delicious healthy food indulgence?





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