Practice Makes Doctors

28 Aug

Hi everyone! Hope you’ve enjoyed the last of your weekend!

This is where I sat for about half of the four hours I spent at school-

Fun, right?

Do you like 1? Or 2? 1, or 2?

Many of you may recognize that guy^^. I’m already pretty darn good at using it 🙂

Other tools of the trade–

Anyhow, it was a long 4 hours of practice, practice, practice. We’re learning a new technique of looking at the back of the eye to check for health, and we have to do this by dilating the pupil so that we have a bigger ‘window’ to look through. My classmates and I are all each other’s guinea pigs, so we each dilate one of our eyes to let others look through, and keep one eye undilated so we can see clearly what’s happening when we’re using the instruments ourselves.

The end result looks like this: (semi-creepy, beware!)

BOO! haha see my right (picture left) eye? almost no iris showing!

I had a snack at school, someone was passing out free veggie subs. Don’t mind if I do!

it was kind of gross but 4 hours is a long time and I was hungry!

When I got home I had the rest of my lunch– a cucumber avocado brown rice sushi roll from whole foods, a few sips of kombucha (too fizzy, I’m letting it de-fizz in the fridge right now!), and some carrots.

Dinner a few hours later was leftover veggie lasagna-

…followed by a cashews and a few squares of the UH-MAZING dark chocolate caramel bar with black sea salt. Go to your local Trader Joe’s and buy this now, if you can. You can thank me later!

I’m off to a friend’s house to watch the VMA’s tonight. Hope you’re doing something fun and totally unproductive too 😉


Question for you:

What are the tools of YOUR trade?

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