Tuesday Snooze-day

30 Aug

I hit my snooze button for an hour straight this morning. :S

I was planning on getting up bright and early for a workout, but my body needed MORE SLEEP. I’m thinking I’ll probably hit up a yoga studio tonight to make up for it..



Last night I stayed up a little later than usual dinking around on the computer. I was seriously snack-y, and ended up eating more of my mom’s herb quiche in an ezekiel wrap as a late-night snack. Herbs = veggies, right??

didn't take a picture in the dark last night, so here is a recycled pic of the quiche in all its glory!

This stuff is seriously one of my favorite persian dishes. It’s called ‘Kukoo’ and it is delicious– just tons of different minced fresh and dried herbs that have been pan-fried and then mixed with egg. Not sure what else is in there but it is seriously dense with green stuff and so fragrantly tasty!


Disclaimer– I just started that time of the month, so I’ve been feeling like a bottomless pit. To curb my hunger and need for more sweets, I ended up drinking some coconut water last night before bed. I really didn’t need any more food!


Since I slept in this morning, everything was done in a rush.

Getting myself dressed was a matter of throwing on a shirt and jeans–

and my TOMs!

…piling my hair up in a big bun (need. washing. soon.), and making the same boring but delicious and filling breakfast as yesterday. Why mess with a good great thing?



I only have 2 more hours of class before I’m free!! Time to start researching yoga classes for the evening… I love Bikram usually, but since it’s been so hot out here I think I might look into another type of class instead! Any suggestions?


Have a nice afternoon!

2 Responses to “Tuesday Snooze-day”

  1. beautyinthebalance August 30, 2011 at 1:31 pm #

    Gosh I have exactly the same feelings when it’s my time of the month. Must. Eat. All. Food!
    What you had sounded really healthy though! I usually reach for sugar-laden foods or heavy carbs… not good!

    • eyegirleats August 30, 2011 at 1:47 pm #

      haha it was EXTREMELY difficult, but I was trying to be careful after eating half that bar of chocolate earlier šŸ™‚ I still have to endure a few more days of sky-rocketed appetite!

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