Super Sunday!

5 Sep

Yesterday was lovely– it ended up being one giant date-day 🙂

Started at the Discovery Science center, which ended up being a place no non-parent should ever go haha (SOOO many running screaming kids with grubby hands touching everything, as well as very dumbed-down exhibits).

One redeeming exhibit for the Hubs was the bed of nails:

He was actually surprised at how much the nails pinched his skin! He had a lot of fun though 🙂

Next was lunch at my FAVORITE ‘fast food’ chain restaurant– The Veggie Grill.

Everything vegan, everything delicious. My favorite salad of all time, ever is this pictured All Hail Kale. Marinated kale with quinoa, corn salsa, candied walnuts, parsley, red cabbage, carrots, and topped with blackened tempeh. I could probably eat this every day and not get suck of it.

In the background was the Hubby’s vegan nachos. SO SO good.


After we got home and lounged a bit with little Tesla, we got dressed up to go out.

We went to a nice local brewery that serves higher-end meals– I had my heart set on their delicious crunchy, chewy french bread that comes with the most garlicky olive oil/ balsamic vinegar dipping sauce EVER. Serious cravings here.

We demolished nearly all of the bread. I also had a side-salad and called it dinner.


I ended the night with some unpictured froyo and lots of snuggles 🙂


Question for you:

How was your weekend?


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