7 Sep

Hi everyone! Hope you’ve had a lovely hump day 🙂

Mine started out lovely, and breakfast rocked. I had an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink smoothie bowl to start me off:

ohhh yea.

This particular beauty contained NO BANANA, because I was fresh out of frozen ones, so instead it got: plain greek yogurt, vanilla protein, cocoa powder, LOTS of frozen cherries/berries, spinach, a squeeze of honey, some chocolate chips, and almond milk.

I felt like I was just dumping random things in, but the result was AWESOME. Loved how much stronger the berry flavor was sans banana.

Topped with the usual ‘twigs’ and also some raw oatmeal.



Since breakfast was consumed later than usual and close to the time I needed to leave for class, my lunch was packed to-go to eat at school.

Unfortunately, I was assembling it rather quickly and recklessly, because I managed to slice a large gash into my finger on the lid while I was spooning beans out of a can!

photo taken in the evening after school and dilation. Notice much larger right pupil!

Dang sharp lid! It required two bandaids to cover the whole cut.

After quickly applying first aid, I managed to finish my wrap and get it in the lunch box–

Ezekiel wrap topped with refried beans and crumbled goat cheese–

–and then finished with a heap of arugula! Easy-peasy and delicious.

Also consumed (in class)–

lotsa math. still using a calculator over here, people.

— and an unpictured large handful of peanuts.


Soon as I got home, a Pink Lady was devoured–

LOVE this kind! Every one I’ve had so far has had such sweet, crisp, and juicy flesh. My apple love!



This was my outfit today:

But then as soon as I walked outside the cardigan was torn straight off.

'nuff said.


I’m now settling in at home, waiting for my pupil to recover and contemplating dinner ideas.

Hope you’re having a nice evening!


Question for you:

When was the last time you had to do math?



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