Checking In

5 Mar

My oh my, it has been quite a while since i’ve popped on here to give an update! I have just one excuse for my extended absence: optometry school. Apparently, it’s not only incredibly difficult to keep up a healthy living blog while in professional school, it’s also incredibly difficult to keep up healthy living.

After a grueling last quarter, I managed to have a nice week-long tropical getaway to the island of Antigua in the Caribbean. I just got back this weekend… and though I do not miss the blood-thirsty mosquitos or the near-total lack of healthy eating possibilities (grocery stores sold half junk food, half canned food, a sprinkling of fresh produce– a shelf end, that is– and no fresh meat), I do miss this:

Postcard Perfect

beach time.


and this:

our pool for the week.



and this:

upon the ancient battlements (actually circe 1770's)


view of English Harbor from Shirley Heights.

sunset in Antigua


and most of all this:

true love 🙂

But as is usually the case at the end of an international trip, I was really grateful to get home to my own bed and to a fridge stocked with all the lovely things Trader Joe’s has to offer.

fully stocked fridge!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Last quarter was quite depressing– these last few months I’ve been the most sedentary and the least healthy-minded that I’ve been in quite a while, which resulted in a small but noticeable amount of weight gain. To get myself back into shape, mentally and physically, I have set the following goals for the next month:

  • Walk or run every day. No time goals or speed goals, just lace up my shoes and MOVE. try and do this before class every day… which leads into the next goal.
  • Wake up earlier and go to sleep earlier. I was ridiculous last quarter with 2am bedtime and waking up 15min before class starts…
  • Clean up my eats and drinks. Avoid empty calories!
  • Drink more WATER! Dear lord have I been slacking here.
  • As part of the above, I’m cutting out meats and hard cheeses. Fish, eggs, and other dairy are all fair game, however.
  • Not food/exercise related: attend every class, pay attention and TAKE NOTES. no more skipping!

To help with my new healthy goals, I have canceled my Netflix membership (Netflix is where my motivation and good intentions go to die– I’ve wasted countless hours browsing and watching mindlessly). I’ve also installed my local library’s iPhone app so that I can check out and download free audiobooks, which I can then listen to while walking/running (now I take my entertainment on the road!). THIS is going to be the key to my exercise success.

Also, I’ve made another batch of my favorite cold-brewed iced coffee and a pitcher of cucumber-infused water to have nice healthy calorie-free beverages to enjoy at my convenience.

Hopefully all this will get me started off on the right foot as I begin the hardest quarter of optometry school!

Ciao for now,



2 Responses to “Checking In”

  1. Caitlin @ livelovenyc July 12, 2012 at 9:21 pm #

    i am SO with you on going to bed earlier (as I’m reading blogs after midnight haha)
    trader joes is just the best – i’ve gotta swing by there tomorrow!

    • eyegirleats July 12, 2012 at 9:34 pm #

      Ya… still 9:30pm here on the west coast but my bedtime is usually well past midnight… still… some things never change 😉 There are worse ways to be spending a late night than reading up on blogs though, let me tell you! haha

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