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the Hubs is Jealous

21 Aug

… of Ryan Gosling. I think I let out one too many dreamy sighs when watching Crazy, Stupid, Love last night on our date. I couldn’t help it! Any person with two X chromosomes who has ever seen The Notebook understands the unrequited love we all feel for the man.



Anywho, we definitely got a little of this before going to see the movie:

mmmMMMmm. That would be a combo of Peanut Butter Cookie and Caramel Almond Bar froyo with Captain Crunch, peanuts, and chocolate chips over the top. *double swoon*

just don't ask me to share.

After the movie we headed home and hung around. I was feeling pretty hungry so I nommed my (unpictured) leftover curry and shared a piece of the frozen arugula pizza (also unpictured 😦 ) I got from TJ’s and heated up for the Hubby’s dinner.

We also both had a 100calorie bag of butter popcorn, spritzed with olive oil and sprinkled generously with nutritional yeast, while watching the premiere episode of Millionare Matchmaker that the Hubs had saved on his computer.

Yes, we watch a myriad of Bravo shows together, and yes we love it. Except I think this season of Matchmaker is going to be a little too over-the-top, and I feel like Patti’s ‘success’ has really gone to her head. A lot of botox seems to have gone to her head too 😉

That was it for the night!

This morning I woke up feeling pretty full from my late dinner/snacks last night, so though I have planned a giant smoothie for breakfast I have yet to get around to whipping it up for myself.

Instead, I drank down some of my homemade iced coffee and made an omelette for my man.

liquid gold.

That ^^ would be a three (cage-free) egg omelette filled with spinach, black beans, and goat cheese, served with two slices of gluten-free toast.

I’m off to take my Hubs to the airport so he can fly back home to Seattle 😦 😦

It’s really hitting me that school starts back up tomorrow, and that my summer is really over.


Kale Beast and Oat Mess

20 Aug

So first let me recap my eating from yesterday:

Dinner was a GINORM kale salad beast.

Started out with this:

did you know kale is fabulous for your eyes? our bodies derive a retinal pigment from it 🙂

and had to take off my rings to get down’n’dirty..

ready for biznass

So now the fun stuff. Have you massaged kale before? It’s a serious wrist workout! I swear, I nearly gave myself early carpal tunnel this time. But it’s important because when you bruise the kale leaves, they tenderize and lose some of their too-strong flavor (the Hubs described it as ‘gamey’ once… obviously the veggie equivalent though) and the toughness.

...lower...lower... oh ya, that's the spot, right there!!...

I was using some Trader Joe’s Goddess dressing as the lubricant (gosh, this is getting graphic…), and when it was all tender and about half the previous volume, I added a hefty sprinkle of nutritional yeast, half a teeny avocado, a shower of sunflower seeds and generous portion of black beans for protein.

that's the stuff right thurr

And yes, I ate it all except a few leaves and a tiny pile of beans.

Yesterday was a weird eating day for me. I did not have much opportunity to snack all day, and by the time I felt hungry again after dinner it was too late to really eat anything. Besides, I was quite excited to go pick the Hubs up from the airport– he flew in for the weekend! 🙂

Let’s get on with the day then shall we?

I started the morning with a large glass of homemade cold-brewed iced coffee– SOO GOOD. I will write up a little post on how to do it a little later, as well as the link to the recipe– with a splash of almond milk.

I'll perk you RIGHT up!

Then, I made an oat mess by mixing around a bowl of raw oats, banana slices, 2% Fage greek yogurt, and a sprinkle of cinnamon and honey. Delish.

i taste better than I look, promise!

We’re changing our internet service today, and we have a few chores to take care of, and then it’s DATE NIGHT! Woohoo! ❤

Questions for you:

Have you tried massaged kale yet? How about nutritional yeast?