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Frolic in the Park and Veggie Thai Lunch

20 Aug

After I had breakfast, I whipped up a little somethin’ somethin’ for the Hubs

I made a delicious scramble that photographed awfully.

We then laced up our shoes and headed on walk for the park!


king of the rock.

After encountering the various wildlife (not caught on camera: tadpoles, giant flying beetles, lizards great and small, chipmunks, millions of cute doggies), we walked home. The stroll was a little over a 5k distance and took us about an hour. I worked up quite the sweat in the heat!

ready for a shower!

and an appetite!

mmm fruit 🙂

The pluot held me over for about, hmm, 5 minutes before I was ravenously hungry and needed TO EAT. I had a hankering for one of our favorite local Thai places, and before you know it I was showered, dressed and out the door.

close-up of the belt, one of my faves

The place we like is called Thuyen Vien, and is a vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Anaheim. It’s a little bit of a hole-in-the-wall, but the owner is super nice and the food is AMAZING.

Started out with a young coconut, my own personal crack:

come to meeee.

getting after it, like a boss.

and then appetizers came.

We started with the banana flower rice cake things. So deceivingly simple, but a taste explosion in your mouth (TWSS).

I had two of the rice things and then one of these nori rolls, overflowing with tofu, carrots, cucumber, and radish sprouts and topped with a delicious Sriracha/yogurt topping. There are some seeds on top that I can’t identify!

fell apart immediately but worth scrounging around the plate for.

I was already feeling quite full before my entree came, but I couldn’t pass up a small bowl (plus a few spoons) of this gloriousness:

decipher me!

Notice, please, the lack of description on the menu. You pretty much have no idea what is going to come out on the plate except for the main ingredient, but happily everything we’ve ordered here has been a delectable surprise.

Devoured over brown rice 🙂

We had plenty of leftovers for later!

The Hubs and I are gonna continue the rest of our date night (day? afternoon?), so I’ll leave it here. Have a goodnight, hopefully you’re doing some fun stuff and eating some delicious stuff today too!

Questions for you:

Are you adventurous when you eat out? I’ll admit, the lack of description on Thuyen Vien’s menu had us worried the first time we ate there.