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Drinking (and running) My Feelings

21 Aug

and not even the fun kind!

I finally made that smoothie:

the materials.

before the whirl

nearly ready to slurp!

ready to downnnn

There’s the final (giant) bowl, topped with raw oats and some TJ’s twigs.

Very soon after I finished, I had to put on some real clothes

… and drop the Hubs off at the airport. *sniff*. He’s not coming back to see me for nearly two weeks. I’m a sad panda right now.

To make me feel better, he ordered me to go to my Happy Place (or one of them, at least)– Whole Foods!!!

So I popped on over and immediately bought myself this guy to keep my company as I completed a little retail therapy:

I will take your pain awayyy!

A fresh juice with carrot, apple, beet, spinach, cucumber, celery + spirulina. The spirulina was a new thing for me– I expected some kind of seaweed taste for some reason, but all it seemed to do was darken up the color of the juice. No taste that I could discern, at least with all the other juice in there!

I bagged up some bulk bin chia seeds and nutritional yeast (sooo glad to have these things back in the bulk bins!), and quickly made my way over to the good stuff. But not before getting distracted by this:

sample? don't mind if I do.

The hot food/ salad bar is where it’s at, yo. I grabbed up some lunch and dinner and then drove home.

Before digging in, I stupidly decided to fit in a teeny bit of cardio. Stupidly because I decided to run at the hottest time of the day, and being a Seattle girl through-and-through, I am highly sensitive to the warm weather.

Only got through about a mile and a half before calling it quits.

shweaty beast.

Food was delayed yet again for a MUCH needed shower, and then I promptly dug into my newly-acquired goods:


.. a brown rice cucumber avocado roll, followed by a ginormous and delicious peach.

I would tunnel in and fly to New York on you, peach.

That’s all for now. I’m about to curl up on the couch and watch some Netflix and procrastinate on doing anything related to school prep. 🙂 Have a good night!!

Question for you:

Did you catch the movie/book reference on that last pic? 😉


the Hubs is Jealous

21 Aug

… of Ryan Gosling. I think I let out one too many dreamy sighs when watching Crazy, Stupid, Love last night on our date. I couldn’t help it! Any person with two X chromosomes who has ever seen The Notebook understands the unrequited love we all feel for the man.



Anywho, we definitely got a little of this before going to see the movie:

mmmMMMmm. That would be a combo of Peanut Butter Cookie and Caramel Almond Bar froyo with Captain Crunch, peanuts, and chocolate chips over the top. *double swoon*

just don't ask me to share.

After the movie we headed home and hung around. I was feeling pretty hungry so I nommed my (unpictured) leftover curry and shared a piece of the frozen arugula pizza (also unpictured 😦 ) I got from TJ’s and heated up for the Hubby’s dinner.

We also both had a 100calorie bag of butter popcorn, spritzed with olive oil and sprinkled generously with nutritional yeast, while watching the premiere episode of Millionare Matchmaker that the Hubs had saved on his computer.

Yes, we watch a myriad of Bravo shows together, and yes we love it. Except I think this season of Matchmaker is going to be a little too over-the-top, and I feel like Patti’s ‘success’ has really gone to her head. A lot of botox seems to have gone to her head too 😉

That was it for the night!

This morning I woke up feeling pretty full from my late dinner/snacks last night, so though I have planned a giant smoothie for breakfast I have yet to get around to whipping it up for myself.

Instead, I drank down some of my homemade iced coffee and made an omelette for my man.

liquid gold.

That ^^ would be a three (cage-free) egg omelette filled with spinach, black beans, and goat cheese, served with two slices of gluten-free toast.

I’m off to take my Hubs to the airport so he can fly back home to Seattle 😦 😦

It’s really hitting me that school starts back up tomorrow, and that my summer is really over.

Breakfast and Chores

19 Aug

I started this morning off on the right foot:

That’s an unsweetened iced coffee with soy and a ‘perfect’ oatmeal with the nut topping (teehee 😉 ). I was forced to leave the condo this morning due to a scheduled maintenance of our water system– aka, the water was totally shut off from 9am until 12. Since I rarely rise before 9am when it’s not necessary, I couldn’t even wash my face this morning. Or brush my teeth… needless to say, it has been a pretty icky start to the day.

I’m off to fill a few prescriptions (is it just me that feels like a total old lady for needing to take a daily medication?), and then I have to clean clean clean the condo like a maniac. The Hubs is coming home tonight! Yippee!!