The Point of Cake

6 Sep

Hi everyone! Hope you’re enjoying your morning so far!

I’m up early because I had to take the Hubs to the airport 😦 I hate saying goodbye, but it’s only for a few days! He comes back in on Friday for the weekend.


Last night I was famished and ended up doing a little too much snacking.

First on some of this:

these were blegh.

I had just a few bites of the chips and guac– the chips were awful!! They had a totally bitter after-taste and an unsatisfying crunch. Usually I’m pretty gung-ho about the baked stuff, but in this case I’d choose regular all the way. My Hubs was not a fan at all either.

To make up for the sadness that came from the terrible chips, I had a few handfuls of this–

Much better.

We watched an episode Top Chef Just Desserts last night, and I have to say this is my least favorite season of any Top Chef series ever. The chef contestants are so incredibly whiny and annoying, most of them- plus, somehow the whole cake-decorating thing bores me a little. Also, in the episode we watched last night, the main judge Gail (Gayle?) said something to the effect of, “What’s the point of cake if it’s ugly?”

…umm the point of cake is to be delicious and in my stomach. I don’t care at all what it looks like on the outside (well except at my wedding…)

my wedding cake


But believe me, the inside was what mattered the most! Two tiers of the most delicious tiramisu cake I’ve ever tasted, and two tiers of fresh strawberry shortcake. OMG.



Anyway, while watching television we also had second dinner-

Trader Joe’s Arugula pizza– my fave 🙂 May have gone back for a third piece…

Anyway, today I have LOTS of class and labs and a proficiency that I’m not at all prepared for (hello, long holiday weekend of no studying). So I’m about to gulp down a large glass of iced coffee and get cracking!

See you later tonight!

Question for you:

How important is it to you that food looks good? 



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